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JUNE 6, 2016

      It’s like David vs Goliath all over again. I’m going to go ahead and call it a comparison, unlike most others referring to LeBron James and Stephen Curry’s game as a rivalry. James’s tank-like physique sets up an easy “David vs. Goliath” comparison against Curry, who is often the shortest and lightest player on the court at any given time.

       “I‘m not in the business of ranking or debating who is what,” said Curry, the back-to-back MVP, when asked whether he had overtaken James as the NBA’s brightest star. “It’s really annoying for me. That’s not what I’m playing for, to be the face of the NBA or to be this or that or to take LeBron’s throne or whatever. I’m trying to chase rings.” LeBron entered the NBA breaking records in his first season.  While Steph Curry has risen like a comet in the past 2 years. LeBron and Curry play different positions, they play totally different styles, they have totally different body types and their draft classes are separated by six years. James, the child prodigy, is in his seventh career Finals appearance and sixth in a row after bursting onto the scene as a rookie. Curry, the lightly recruited late-bloomer, is making just his second Finals appearance after spending most of his rookie deal acclimating to the professional game. James has dominated the Eastern Conference throughout his prime thanks to his unmatched combination of physicality, athleticism and ball-handling ability, while Curry has used the threat of his three-point shot to open up space behind the defense, space that he often exploits with acrobatic layups and runners. Curry is rightly viewed as the frontman for the NBA’s three-centric future, as he’s broken seemingly every three-point record there is to break. 

“Steph was definitely the MVP of our league and is the MVP in our league,” James said. “He’s a great basketball player, and what he does for this league is amazing.” Asked whether James and Curry, who together have won three of the last four titles and six of the last eight MVP awards, are now rivals, he shook his head.

“I don’t know, you media guys make rivals,” James said. “It’s great for the sport. It’s great for all sports. I don’t think me and Steph—when you talk about rivalries, you talk about North Carolina and Duke, you talk about Ohio State and Michigan.”  Curry finds the comparisons annoying and James was willing to crown Curry this season’s MVP. Both players are some of the sports greatest athletes to step on the floor and are in it for one thing….WINNING!