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Substance Over Style

September 30, 2014

I’m too old to have had one, but my daughter did.  She hated it.  Did you have one of these?  Did you have fun with it?  Check out the kid at 4:25 who is KILLING it…and then the kid not long after that who says “It’s not “Skip-It”, it’s “Trip-It”!” The customer experience must always […]

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In House Testing

September 22, 2014

Making the decision to bring identity and microbial testing for raw materials and microbial testing for finished goods in-house, was not easy.  After all, some of our largest and most established competitors do not offer this service – and with good reason.  In our case… A lab would have to be built. Research would have […]

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Turn Times Matter

August 29, 2014

Whether you’ve just decided to launch a brand, or you’re ready to take it to the next level, turn times matter. In theory, effective planning and organization can minimize the importance of quick turn times for capsule and powdered nutritional supplements.  In practice, however, turn times are always going to be an important part of […]

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