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MAY 31, 2016

          Capsules are solid-dosage forms that enclose powder or liquid ingredients in hard or soft shells typically composed of gelatin or cellulose. Capsules offer key advantages for formulators, manufacturers and health supplement consumers. These advantages can significantly increase the likelihood of success of dietary supplements.

Here at Innovative Formulations, we only use the highest quality of ingredients in our products. Each and every ingredient we use has been through an in-depth inspection by our Quality Control team and sourced through a certified vendor. Before Capsule production begins each room is thoroughly cleaned and inspected by the Quality Control team before each and every run. This is to insure no products become contaminated or polluted. Then we start out in our weigh rooms where all the ingredients are precisely weighed out by hand. To achieve maximum accuracy of ingredients, we have at least three people personally weigh each ingredient separately and document the results. Before transporting the ingredients to the blender room, Quality control is the last to weigh the ingredients to ensure accuracy. In the blend room, personnel check for any inconsistency between the ingredients and the formula before blending any ingredients. After approving all ingredients, the blending process can now begin. Once blending is completely done and checked for any inconsistencies by QC, then the blend is transferred to the capsule room. Once the ingredients reach the capsule room, we perform a test run to insure quantity and quality of each capsule. When these levels are met and approved by our Quality control team, we then run the whole product. To insure high levels of quality throughout the run, the QC team checks the product every 30 minutes to an hour. After the capsules are filled, sealed, and checked once more by quality control, the capsules are then transferred to the bottling line where our personnel checks and removes any defective caps while filling the bottles. When bottling is completed the product is finally sent through the labeling line to get its custom label applied. We can produce high quality capsules in little time! Innovative formulations goes the extra step to insure we only make the highest quality capsules on the market. When it comes to your powders and capsules, Be Innovative.