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FEBRUARY 25, 2015

Being a supplement brand owner, I personally know the benefits of a one stop solution for my manufacturing needs. My company desperately needed someone to handle manufacturing of products, label application, FDA compliance, and packaging.  Now, I have one company design and print labels, drop shipping them to Innovative Formulations – and one company (Innovative) handles everything else.

Originally, I contracted two different manufacturers and they both sent me to one place for labels, one place for flavors and one place for FDA compliance strategies; it made my job as a business owner tough.  I had to monitor and follow up on every aspect of the operation on a daily basis and rely on so many different people.

Then, I moved all my manufacturing to Innovative Formulations – and things began to change. They worked with me on formula ideas, created custom blends, handled bottling, labeling, packaging and everything else I needed.  Ultimately, this allowed me to make the transition from shop owner to brand owner, and fulfill my dream of owning a successful supplement company.

Innovative Formulations also cut my turn times in half, from eight weeks to just 3-4 weeks, and this has helped me sell more product than ever before. More opportunities to make new products, land new and unique outlets to sell them in – and do it all in quick, productive time frames.

I also love the fact that Innovative Formulations runs an open book policy, meaning you can visit the facility, view identity and microbiological testing results, get access to cGMP Certification proof, and even see how your product was made – with each product having a full Manufacturing Production Record and Batch Production Record.

These are all things that I hadn’t experienced in my past relationships with manufacturers. In fact, I would have to email 2-3 times, just to get a response from their sales team. I was practically begging them to take my money. The customer service team at Innovative is unbelievable; they are experienced, knowledgeable and will get back to you quickly.

If you are looking for a one stop shop that knows how the dietary supplement manufacturing business works, then Innovative Formulations is you answer!