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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Innovative Formulations cGMP Certified?

Absolutely!  We manufacture your products in a cGMP Certified facility.  The GMP certification process covers all aspects of manufacturing, including inspection of the buildings and grounds, the air and water purification systems, the handling and processing of raw materials, the manufacturing process, the operation and cleaning of equipment, the training of personnel, and quality control testing and documentation.

Q: How long will it take for my product to be finished after I place my order?

At Innovative Formulations, our goal is to turn your product in approximately four weeks.  This is based on when all ingredients and labels are in house.

Q: Can Innovative Formulations create a logo for our brand and print labels for our product?

While we do not offer in-house graphic design and/or label printing, we do offer a referral service, providing you the opportunity to choose the designer and/or printer that works best for you.  In addition to our induction seals and clear heat-shrink safety bands, we can apply customer provided labels (position four – 3″ core, left edge leading), printed bands or shrink sleeves (for minimum distortion, choose PETG shrink sleeves, with art shrinking in – not up) to all bottle types that we run.

Q: Does Innovative Formulations offer flavor samples?

We proudly provide flavor samples, as we are known for some of the best flavors in the industry.  We trust that you will love the flavor profile we create for you, but if you’re not satisfied, we will continue to work with you until it is just right.

Q: What is the estimated shipping cost?

There is none.  Well, not for you, at least.  By picking up the tab on shipping, we allow you to plan and budget more effectively.

Q: Is your facility registered with the FDA?

Yes.  We also have been third-party inspected by our state heath department and have been issued our manufacturing and wholesale permit.

Q: How do I know that my product will be safe and effective?

In addition to our FDA registration, state inspection and cGMP Compliant manufacturing processes, Innovative Formulations offers in-house testing of incoming raw materials to verify identity, strength and purity-as well as microbial testing of outbound finished goods.  Our multifaceted approach to upholding the highest quality standards means that you can rest assured that your products will be safe and effective.