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SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

In-house TestingMaking the decision to bring identity and microbial testing for raw materials and microbial testing for finished goods in-house, was not easy.  After all, some of our largest and most established competitors do not offer this service – and with good reason.  In our case…

  • A lab would have to be built.
  • Research would have to be done to determine what method of testing we would use.
  • Regulations and rules would have to be reviewed and re-reviewed.
  • Expensive equipment and consumables would have to be purchased.
  • Time would have to be taken away from productivity and given to training.

The list goes on and on – and it would have been significantly easier to use an outside testing firm.  Unfortunately, even the best outside testing can take 3-4 times longer than in-house testing, and that’s a problem.

At Innovative, we understand that time is money.  Most importantly – YOUR time is YOUR money and you don’t want to spend either, waiting around for weeks or months hoping your product will be delivered soon.

So, we’ve made the decision, we’ve built the lab, we’ve reviewed the regulations and we’ve ordered the equipment.  In the next couple of weeks, we’ll dedicate time to training our team to use state of the art equipment that will allow us to keep our best in class turn times low, while at the same time supporting our stated goal of being the most transparent, highest quality contract/private label supplement manufacturer in the industry.

That’s Innovative.