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NOVEMBER 23, 2014

Sometimes, the job is a job and work is work and business is business…but every now and again, it’s more than that.  More than any of those things.

At Innovative, our dreams are not just our own…they’re your dreams, too – and the value of those dreams can’t be measured in dollars and cents.  While we have to put a price on what we do, we also have to remember that we are part of something that goes beyond just making products and the livelihoods that are impacted by the quality of our work go way, way beyond our own team.

This is a message we received from a customer this afternoon…as you read it, think about your goals, your dreams and your future – and allow yourself to be as motivated and encouraged as we were by them.  Happy Holidays!

In case I don’t talk to you guys before then, I just wanted to say I hope you all have a kick a** Christmas.
Also, I know that you guys just consider the help you give to your customers as part of your job and what you get paid to do. But I want you all to go into this Christmas knowing that it is much, much more than that to the customers. The services you guys provide, and level of customer service you give is second to none. Furthermore, what you guys consider to be “just doing your job”, is actually making people’s dreams of owning their own brand and going into business for themselves a reality that most never thought would be possible. Now I know there are always pain in the ass customers that don’t really appreciate anything, trust me, I’ve had em before. But I can assure you that the lives you change, and the people you help to achieve their dreams far outweighs the pain in the ass customers you have to deal with.
In closing, I want you guys to know that I am one of those that you all have helped achieve their dream. Even though I have experience in all sides of this industry, and I have formulated products from scratch for brands that are now pretty big brands, it was scary as hell actually starting my own. I can honestly say that if not for Dustin starting his own MFG company, I would not have Limitless Nutrition right now, because there is no other MFG company I would trust, especially after having worked with a few when I was formulating. Dustin is not my friend, he’s family to me, and you guys are as well. I feel so blessed and lucky just to be able to witness this rise to the top that you guys are on, and I cant wait to continue to do big things as a team in the future. So remember, whether you’re formulating, quoting formulas, creating labels and other graphics, or any other part of the overall process under this legacy that Dustin is building, its not just your job and what you get paid to do, the bigger pay off is knowing that you are helping people achieve their dreams every day, and no amount of money can replace the feeling of knowing that you all are changing peoples life’s like that. Not many people can legitimately say they change peoples life’s and help them realize their dreams for a living. Believe it boys!  Thank you for all that you do!
Oh and please spread this message from me to all of your staff that I didn’t have an email address for, because it applies to them all!
Merry Christmas guys, and lets look forward to changing the industry in 2015!