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Innovative Formulations has established quality and risk management systems that exceed the minimum cGMP standards.

In the United States, Current Good Manufacturing Practices, or cGMPs, are the FDA’s formal regulations contained in statutes and agency policies and concern the design, monitoring and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. The addition of “current” reminds manufacturers that they must employ current technologies and systems in order to be in compliance with the regulations.

The FDA requires supplement manufacturers to adhere to these regulations, which provide assurance of a product’s identity, strength, quality and purity.  Adhering to the cGMPs requires manufacturers to establish quality management systems, obtain high quality raw materials, establish operating procedures, detect and investigate potential problems with product quality, and maintain reliable testing laboratories.  Just a few of our relevant policies/processes include:

Innovative Formulations GMP Compliance Certificate – Conditional – signed

  1. Vendor Qualification: Innovative Formulation’s strict vendor qualification program includes screening by a GMP audit questionnaire, followed by material audits to ensure we select reliable suppliers. As a result, Innovative Formulations has close working relationships with a group of trusted vendors who consistently furnish the highest quality materials.
  2. Ingredient Testing: All ingredients are carefully inspected upon receipt, sampled, and held under quarantine until analytical testing is completed to confirm that they meet all specifications for purity, activity, and physical characteristics. All materials undergo thorough testing prior to release for manufacturing. Any material that does not meet all specifications is rejected.
  3. In-Process Testing: During the manufacturing process, testing is also conducted to assure that each product conforms to the specifications established for it.
  4. Finished Product Testing: All manufactured products undergo final analytical testing to ensure their safety, purity, and activity levels. Final testing includes physical analysis and microbiological testing to guarantee each product meets all quality specifications.
  5. Document Control: All aspects of the quality program and test results are thoroughly documented. Traceability of every ingredient used in each of our products is an absolute requirement of our system.
  6. Record Retention: All production and testing records are maintained in safekeeping for several years.