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MAY 6, 2016

Every Dietary Supplement contains a variety of ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, etc. Each ingredient interacts with your body in a particular manner and certain ingredients may or may not be good for you to use as it might not meet the needs you are looking for from a specific type of product.

What we’ve come to find through working with many brands and stores in the sports nutrition industry is that consumers buy products without reading into the supplement fact panel. The Principal Display panel, which typically states the name of the product and a few key points, is not where the label ends. Turn that bottle around and look into what ingredients make that product. A little research into the supplements you’re taking will go a long way for your body transformation and overall well being.

A brand that’s well known in the industry explained a story through social media last year, in which they had misspelled the word Protein on their label. They ordered one thousand bottles and sent them out to stores, consumers, etc.. Out of the one thousand people, two actually caught the error. This shows that consumers aren’t reading fully into the products they are taking.

You could be damaging your body or getting the wrong results if your taking a supplement that is not right for you. Again, you could be causing damage to your body or getting an unwanted result from buying a supplement that is not right for you. If you’re gonna spend twenty to sixty dollars on a supplement, you should know what its going to do for you and what is in it not only to gauge if you want to take the product, but to determine whether the product actually worked for you when you finish it and decide what ingredients you actually like.

When you read the label thoroughly and become a more educated consumer, you create a more educated industry all together. The smarter the industry becomes, the better the science in the products will be. So read that label, and know what you’re taking before you buy it!