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AUGUST 29, 2016

For those of you looking for fitness or weight loss benefits, a new exercise

routine, or simply want to enhance your endurance and speed, Tabata is a

great style of workout to try! Tabata is high ­intensity interval training (HIIT)

that lasts for four minutes. Don’t be mistaken though, this will definitely feel

like the longest four minutes of your life.

How Tabata came to be: Tabata was invented by Japanese physician and

researcher Dr. Izumi Tabata. Tabata wanted to see if athletes could benefit

from 20/10 sessions for eight weeks. 20/10 meaning workout hard for twenty

seconds, then rest for ten seconds, repeating eight sets totaling four

minutes. He took two groups of athletes and put them in a program for six

weeks. Group 1 did one hour of moderate ­intensity training five times a

week. Group 2 did high ­intensity Tabata ­style training. That’s 1,800 minutes

from group 1 compared to 120 minutes from group 2 over a six week period.

Results: The Tabata group improved both aerobic and anaerobic fitness

levels by 28%.

How it works: Tabata will raise your metabolism and heart rate immediately.

Since it’s a high ­intensity workout, your body will have to work harder to keep

up, causing your metabolism to jump. Your metabolism will stay at that high

not only during your workout, but for hours after also. Basically meaning

you’ll be burning fat LONG after you’re done with your workout. Umm, yes


How it’s done: Choose four exercises you would like to do in your Tabata

routine. This could be pretty much anything that works large muscle groups.


Here are some exercises to try.

Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
Resistance Bands
Sit Ups
Bench Press
Calf Raises
Stability Ball

Here’s an example:

1: Push ups (2 sets)

2: Deadlift (2 sets)

3: Burpees (2 sets)

4: Mountain climbers (2 sets)

Total: 4 minutes!

Although highly effective, Tabata is not recommended for beginners.

Soreness should be expected during the first few weeks. However, your

body will adjust and you’ll start seeing results.